Marketing Communication

The Marketing Communication helps professionals and their network to exchange information. The advent of new forms of media using internet technologies combined with the use of telephone, television and other media devices has opened up new ways to advertise.  The marketing communication department we heard in companies that deal in handling all communications for the company. Depending on the kind of company and the industry they are in, this department is sometimes called the corporate communications or the product marketing division at times. Marketing has a marketing mix that is made of price, place, promotion, product (4 P’s), that includes people, processes and physical evidence, when marketing services (7 P’s).

The information could be related to the marketing of a product, talk about a new product launch or community initiatives taken by the company. “Online has a proven ability to amplify the message, reach and impact of our marketing aka traditional word of mouth marketing on steroids, and then some.  Integrating your messages, benefits, branding etc makes tremendous sense.  If the concept is good enough to take to market, then it should be good enough to be executed in an integrated manner.” Said by Dwight Griesman.

Now days tracking and monitoring of projects & activities has enabled marketing programs to become more result oriented and measurable. It is very important to have a process in place because then your advertising will reap proper benefits. There is an old advertising joke “I know my advertising works, I don’t know which half.” Although markets may share fundamental human needs which may justify standardizing a product, marketing successfully to these wants and needs is never universal. Marketing professionals must localize plans and strategies for communicating with these international audiences who have different values, attitudes and buying behaviors, and not presume that standardized communications would be as effective in a multicultural environment.




Marketing communication overview

  • Positioning
  • Marketing message
  • Marketing to influencers and opinion leaders
  • Market communication in the Early Market
  • Market communication across the Chasm & in the Bowling Alley

A few years prior in 2007, David Eldridge in writing for Direct Marketing News, compared integration to a fantasy land, which is really how many marketers still look at it today: “Integration is not a dreamland of endless possibilities with revolutionary marketing results at the end of a rainbow. It’s an ongoing process made up of many discrete but valuable steps, each contributing to the greater cause.” Marketing professionals must remember that consumers prefer products and communications that have local branding elements that identify with their culture. People buy what the product or service can do for them, not what the product and its features are to the marketing people.

Successful communication of brand identity is necessary for all companies to effectively bring their messages to primary stakeholders, maintain their market presence and expand their footprint. Whether in advertising, the development of web-based initiatives, or in the conduct of market research, marketing professionals must understand the communication process and the most effective methods of conveying information. In next few years In this digital world, marketing communications will be concern with creating presence, maintaining relationships, and creating mutual value.

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