Clean Your PC Yourself

When your computer start showing you waiting gif, or when your pc slows down, then you google about pc cleaning. You download & run any pc cleanup program from web, they are scam usually, so doesn’t speed up your computer. If you are using computer you should be able to take care of your computer. Computer registry cleanup scams work by making you think your computer’s registry is faulty and needs repairing. Many of these scams make money by getting you to pay for needless software; others install computer viruses or web searching etc. tools along with registry cleanup software, but there are things you can do to stop them.

Many PC cleaning programs are designed to make your computer look more broken than it is and to extract money from users who do not understand that. If your PC is tossing up error messages and crashing all the time, the chances are good that your needs go further. There is not a magic software pill to speed up your computer.  It may be slowed down because of

  • Too many apps running at startup or on browser toolbar
  • Too little work memory (RAM)

If your PC is coming up clean but just seems slow, it might be time to try removing some apps. Installing an applications or plug-in that you actually want can sometimes install applications and plug-in that you never asked for, and these superfluous system tray icons and browser toolbars have a way of adding up over time.You should also run Windows’ built-in Disk Cleanup tool to get rid of old temporary files. You can also clean temporary files generated through Start > Run > Type %temp% > Delete all temporary files.



PC clean up scam softwares count every single cookie, temporary file or registry error as single issue & the error count shown by this scam software seems really risky, so people waste dollars for this scam softwares. If you do want to “clean your PC,” you can do it for free. Windows includes built-in PC cleaning tools that can do almost all of what the average PC cleaning app will do for you.

Easy Solutions:

  • Delete your Browser’s history, remove unwanted add-ons.
  • Remove unnecessary apps installed on pc by uninstalling application you will be able to create free space on disk.
  • Temporary files are not slowing down your computer, and neither are browser history entries or cookies. Registry entries are generally not a problem, check for disk fragmentation, use disk clean up utility in windows.
  • Remove adware, malware, and spyware & use licensed copy of Antivirus software like Netlux, QuickHeal etc recommanded.
  • Regularly update your windows. Detect and repair disk errors. Thoroughly Clean Your Computer.

General solution to Check & to Increase Performance of your Computer

1. Press Start, then Run, and type msconfig and press Enter. Click the Startup tab and then “Disable All”. Reboot, If something is not working correctly, run msconfig again and enable the app that really needs to run. Repeat this if necessary.

2. Check the RAM by right-clicking on My Computer, and then select Properties. If you have Windows XP, you may have to click on the General tab. If the computer has less than 2GB of RAM, that is not enough. if possible try to add more.

Keep habit of cleaning your PC from Inside & Outside to increase machine life & to save yourself from unnecessary headache of errors & problems.

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