Horton Group Releases New Mobile Web Development And Design Service

It is predicted by experts that with the fast growth of the mobile industry, the following years there will be an estimated 1.4 mobile device for every individual in the world. Further research indicates that this number is likely to increase at large exponential rates in the next few decades. Being aware that this trend does not show signs of slowing down, Horton Group which is a Nashville web development and design firm has added mobile development to their list of online marketing services. The expansion is part of firm’s continuing effort to provide their client base with accessibility to the latest pioneering and modern digital marketing products.

For online businesses who want to maintain relevancy in the following years, it is vital to adopt a fresh marketing technology. “Initially, people considered that social networks such as Facebook or Twitter had no purpose in the field of business. At the present, we see social media as one of the most functional and lucrative digital marketing tools,” said Andy Hartley, Director of Operations of Horton Group. “After witnessing the effects of social media in boosting revenues, businesses are eager to create websites that are mobile friendly along with improved mobile applications. We are thrilled about developing this fresh service and becoming a dear partner to client who are intent to become competitive in the mobile market.”

Horton Groups provides digital marketing sources that enable businesses to connect with a wide number of customers. Back since 1996, Horton Group has been steady in their aim of providing pioneering marketing results for businesses of all types.

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