Enterprise Virtual Agent Provider IntelliResponse Publicizes New Website

IntelliResponse Systems which is a principal provider of virtual agent technology solutions that drives lucrative online conversations is glad to broadcast the certified release of its freshly designed website. Both virtual agent technology and online customer self-service is an enticing but hastily expanding market with an increasing variety of offerings for businesses to choose from. The fresh website of IntelliResponse targets to provide better lucidity for businesses that want to fully understand how they can provide better-quality online customer self-service experience. By allowing access to clients with the proper tools to take their online interactions to a whole new level, businesses can drive in fresh revenue, customer devotion while at the same time minimizing the costs of customer services.

“Client based businesses that yearn to supply an enterprise stage, incorporated customer service encounter over all mediums – mobile, social media or web will acquire the advantage from our solutions such as Enterprise Virtual Agent (EVA),” stated Mike Hennessy, the vice president of marketing at IntelliResponse. “Our most recent website gives a lot of enlightening resources, videos as well as tools in order to help visitors easily acquire the information that they need and to hastily understand the type of solution that is right for them.

IntelliResponse is the primary supplier of knowledge management software and virtual agent solutions for various businesses. The company creates lucrative online conversations for both the private and public sector customers all over the world. With the original Enterprise Virtual Agent (EVA) solutions, mobile applications, agent desktops, corporate websites, social media pathways, it will surely create a big difference.

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