Teen Vogue Launches A Newer Version of Their Website

Teen Vogue which is the main supply of style and beauty for trendy teens and individuals aging 20 and up just announced that they just launched the newly revised website for TeenVogue.com. The website showcases a number of enhancements that are specially designed to engage the audience by providing actual time incorporation with the social media sites of the brand, adaptive structure for mobile optimized display and a fresh layout that showcases the visual direction of Teen Vogue.

“The digital medium is essential to our audience as well as a fundamental aspect of the Teen Vogue brand,” said Amy Astley, Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue. “In the past year, TeenVogue.com traffic has increase remarkably and social media has grown tremendously, thus we are proud to unveil a fresh website that can provide a more appealing, interactive experience for our visitors while getting the content that they need.”

The new features of the website include incorporated social substance such as Tweets and Instagram photos gathered by the editors of Teen Vogue. Even selected tweets and photos will be entered to the homepage and the content streams of the channel index page. There will also be adaptive design that is built to distinguish what device a reader is using to view the website and will reformat itself in order to fit the suitable screen size. Another feature of the website includes fresh site architecture where the main channels are renamed and transferred to new sections in order to improve the SEO. The exclusive advertisers that are included in the launch of the revised website include Elizabeth Arden, Clearasil, Estee Lauder, Pantene, Guess and Kohl’s.

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