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If you are thinking of starting your very own online presence then you must buy a domain name and choose a hosting space to keep your website files up and running 24/7 365 days. Since there are hundreds of hosting providers it is really a daunting task to choose one from them. And depending on your needs you have to choose the perfect one that fits with your demands.
In this post we will describe some of the aspects you should consider while choosing a cheap hosting provider. So let’s begin with disk space. Disk space is the amount of space you will get to put your files on the hosting server. Although many hosting provider says the disk space is unlimited but it is not true in actual cases. With a cheap hosting provider that may cost from $3-10 USD/month can actually give you a disk space of 50GB to 100GB disk space.
The second and most important fact you need to consider is the bandwidth usage limit. So what is bandwidth usage limit by the way? Bandwidth usage limit is the amount of data allowed to be transferred to and from the hosting server and the visitors. Obviously your goal is to welcome as many visitors as you to your site. So if you are confident enough that you are going to get a big audience for your online presence then you must consider an unlimited bandwidth. In most cases cheap hosting provider doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth. So you have to choose wisely depending on your volume of visitors online which bandwidth limit is required for your business.
The third most important thing to know while choosing a cheap hosting provider is how many MySQL databases are offered along with the hosting plan. Since every CMS (Content Management System) software needs a database to run properly, your number of database along with hosting plan can limit the number of sites you can create with that particular hosting plan. For example Godaddy Deluxe hosting plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space but it offers 25 MySQL databases means you can run 25 sites using CMS with this hosting plan.
Now based on these three main features we would like to recommend some of the hosting providers that we found up to the mark to meet your needs. Hostgator is leading the market for a long time for its low price and great service. You can start your site with Hostgator for as low as $3.96/month. Next comes iPage that allows you to start with just 2.25/month. Bluehost also offers a starting price of $3.95/month and is one of the leading hosting provider in the market. With JustHost you can start with 2.95/month. Remember the price we mentioned here are the lowest possible prices offered by the hosting provider with minimum resources. But as we mentioned earlier you need to figure out your needs and choose the unique one that fits your demand.

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