How Technology Will Change the World in 2020?

Technology it is the term which when comes to your mind brings many different thoughts and different spices to your mind. Usually technology refers to all the latest models and all the leading innovations that have being developed in the world. Technology is the only reason by which we can differentiate between the old and the today’s world. With the help of technology almost the entire world has been changed the only things that have not changed is the rituals and the believes of the local man. Each and everything in today’s world is dependent on the other thing.

The technology has completely changed the entire world and has taken the world to the next level technology has many advantages and disadvantages due to which people have to maintain some limit and also some restrictions should also be maintained so that they does not harm any of the natural calamities and does not even effect the environment . Technology has also helped the localities in many ways but they have also proved very harmful to all the humans also. Due to any chemical changes in the making of technology there have being many disasters due to which the world has suffered from a huge loss also.


 How Technology Will Change the World in 2020?


But also with the help of technology the human efforts are reducing and the times as well as the space complexities are also being reduced in the world which has helped a lot. With the help of the latest technologies the gap between the nations are also being reduced people are getting innovative and they are also getting friendlier.

Airplane is the technology due to which you can travel from any part of the world to any part of the world within less time. Mobile phone is also a technology due to which you can communicate with anybody from any part of the world. Facebook, twitter and all the social websites like the Skype and wasp are the latest innovations due to which you are connected to people from apart the ocean within some few seconds. This was about the communication but latest machinery due to which the things which take more time in preparing they are prepared within a less time. We have the lie detector due to which you can have the final decision of the person without many arguments. We have two and four wheelers due to which you are the king of your own vehicle and can travel anywhere you want. We use to have the huge computers for all the office work and for all the important work but now we have laptops and also have the more compatible smart phones due to which you can work from your place without visiting the actual work place. We also have the technology which will help us to look more beautiful and much younger. We have the laser treatment which can completely change the entire human personality. We also have the city scan device in which you are known with all the defects in your body without many different tests.

Hence the technology is the leading innovation which has completely changed the entire world and also has proved very useful for them and but it also has many of the disadvantages.

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