Bitly Showcases Realtime Attention Ranking Search Tool For Viral News

Bitly, a social bookmarking service just publicized a search engine tool which can be utilized to follow the most thriving viral news links all throughout social networks in actual real time. Based on the Bitly statement,”Realtime” is an attention rank engine that enables users to have the control to steer through stories that the world is paying attention to at the present point in time.

Realtime even enables users to filter through the content according to location, language, network and topic, thus enabling a fully controlled user experience all throughout social networks. In order to be updated with the relevant links as well as content accessible to all users, Realtime acquires the content of each link that was stored or shared via the Bitly service. The content will be eventually checked and form of personal attention is created by the analysis of the click dispersion to various stories that are being viewed.

Once being logged-in into the service, the trending topics all throughout the ”Bitlyverse” are showcased with the ”clicks per minute” figure besides the given portion of content to point out the quantity of attention it is getting. The six chosen fields for results enable targeted content finding, from topics as well as keywords, even up to the publication searches that are specific.

Bitly is continuing to expand beyond the URL shortening as well as the introduction of Realtime can make Bitly the ideal target for social attention rank. Realtime is recently in private beta. The existing Bitly account users can simply log-in to their account and request access to start using the service. As for the non-Bitly users, they can register through the social log-in or register a new Bitly account in just a number of easy steps in order to gain access.

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