Banner Broker – A revolutionary way to earn revenue online

Banner Broker is an online advertising platform that works between the advertisers and the publishers. The company was founded on October 2010 and emerged as a successful online advertising platform within a very short span of time. Since internet population is growing day by day, chances and opportunities of marketing products online is also increasing. But it’s not easy to run an ad campaign to targeted internet users. Banner Broker has made this task simple for you. It has an extensive network of hundreds of thousands of online publishers and advertisers. The advantage of using Banner Broker platform is that it publishes ads on relevant publishers’ websites. You can categorize your ad campaign with targeted age groups, geographic locations and consumer preferences. You can get started with Banner Broker as a publisher or an advertiser or both. Advertisers can market their products online around the world by choosing an ad campaign while publishers can earn extra revenue with their websites by publishing Banner Broker ads on their websites. If you want to work both as an advertiser and publisher then you have to sign up for the ad-pub combo package.

Banner Broker for Advertisers

Marketing strategy is changing everyday with the change of consumer behaviors and use of new technology. Two or three decades ago electronic media like television, radio etc played a significant role in marketing products to the consumers. But things are totally changed these days. Now we cannot think of a renowned business or product without it’s online presence. The number of internet users is growing so rapidly so as the scope of marketing products online. Banner Broker is a superb platform to market your products and reach your business goal. The way it works is different from others. It publishes your ads with it’s publishers in thousands of websites related to your product or business around the world. It will increase your sales and create a wide range of customers for your products worldwide. You can review your ad campaign anytime you want and can have a clear idea of how much traffic you are receiving by choosing Banner Brokers.


Banner Broker for Publishers

Banner Broker is a great platform for you if you have a website that receives a significant amount of traffic everyday. You can turn your visitors into your source of passive income with Banner Broker. To start your journey with Banner Brokers you need to sign up as a publisher. Your website will be included in the banner broker database and as soon as it matches with advertising criteria your website will start receiving impressions from ads. Banner Broker offers a 200% revenue earning opportunity which is unique in the internet marketing industry. By choosing the ad-pub combo option you can work both as an advertiser and a publisher. Even if you don’t have a website, you can work as a publisher by using the virtual online store offered by Banner Brokers. All you have to do is purchase advertising panel and Banner Broker will publish the advertisements offered by it’s advertisers into your panel. It’s a unique opportunity for non website owners to join in the ride. Over time advertising panel receives impression and each advertising panel has it’s unique color code. The color code defines the packages and how much impression a panel can receive under a certain package. Following is a list of packages available:

  • Starter Pack costs $20 and generates $40
  • Basic Panel Pack costs $50 and generates $80
  • Business Panel Pack costs $140 and generates $270
  • Professional Panel Pack costs $410 and generates $800
  • Enterprise Panel Pack costs $1,220 and generates $2,420
  • Ultimate Panel Pack costs $3,650 and generates $7,280

When you will choose a package of higher order you will receive previous two packages for free. It takes about 3 to 14 weeks for a panel to complete it’s income. For example yellow panel the starter pack may complete in 3 weeks and you will receive the earning of $40 covering the initial cost of $20. As you can see there is no limit of how much you can earn with Banner Broker, as it doubles the amount of your investment. It’s a win-win opportunity for publishers and advertisers to use this platform.

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