Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Publicized Alaska Seafood Species Quick Reference Guide in An Easy To Use Mobile Format

At the present, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute just publicized the availability of the Alaska Seafood Species Quick Reference Guide with an easy to use and convenient mobile format. Individuals who are utilizing the well-known spiral bound flip book can find all the details that they need to find out about Alaska whitefish, salmon as well as shellfish species by using their mobile devices.

“It is like the physical forerunner, the mobile edition of the Alaska Seafood Species Quick Reference Guide includes all the useful information regarding harvesting, culinary preparations and sustainability,” stated by Larry Andrews, Retail marketing director of ASMI. The mobile guide even showcases every Alaska seafood species in a quick summary as well as describing the consistency, flavour, nutritional facts, regular size and the accessibility. The mobile version of Alaska Seafood Species Quick Reference Guide is an element of the Alaska Seafood U, which is ASMI’s interactive and web based instruction program that is free and specifically designed for chefs, seafood counter employees, food consumers as well as other individuals involved in the field.

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is an enterprise involving the Alaska seafood industry and the State of Alaska. ASMI focuses on the promotion of the benefits of wild and sustainable Alaska seafood as well as offer education regarding the seafood industry. For over 50 years, it is a known fact that Alaska is devoted to seafood that is sustainable. The seafood field is one of Alaska’s biggest private sector employers. As a consequence, residents in Alaska truly understand the requirement to look after their fisheries as well as neighbouring habitats for the future generations. You will find the best technology news singapore and seo here.

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