UNIQUE ID Released Relevant Media Publishing Platform “Compact.ly”

Unique ID, Inc just publicized the availability of “Compact.ly” which is a pertinent media publishing proposal that transforms issue oriented social networks to global intelligence. At the present, there are a number of web clipping services as well as storage services online, but the details that are being gathered is constantly increasing, while maintaining their organization is difficult in catching up with the speed of the increase. Compact.ly not merely gathers the information, nor simply summarizes them but will compile the complicated contexts into a card-type of information called as “Fragments”. This allows a scheme for collaborative editorials as well as exclusive relevant allocation in order to easily comprehend and share the context. For example, even if a critical worldwide concern is hard to recognize as a on hand subject, and tricky for the individual to realize how a person could contribute.

“Compact.ly” is specifically designed to understand the concerns that are complicated that entails special knowledge that covers many years as well as closely tied with economy and politics in a short span of time and in depth, so that a way will be discovered in contributing that matches the individual’s own lifestyles and values.

Unique ID, Inc was established back in 1998. The company just released “Internet Community” which is a SaaS engine for the commercial client base. The company was awarded the “Good Design Award” back in 2001. In 2006, Web Creation Award from the Japan Advertisers Association was given to CEO Maeda for his contributions as a leader in CGM. You will find the best technology news and seo here.


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