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Zurker is a new developing social networking website which follows democracy. Here members are the owners of zurker and having virtual shares. Recently, in April; zurker launched new digital currency ‘Zen’. The Zen will enable the development of a vibrant marketplace and thriving economy. In this decade, zurker will definitely compete with facebook as zurker pays to its member through Zen & virtual shares (vShares). You don’t just own your data, you own the network. If the members own the network, they will enthusiastically contribute ideas and will provide feedback, allowing the development team to make revolution in social networking. vShares can be thought of as agreements between the owners of a startup about the size of their stake in the enterprise to be incorporated.


Zurker Virtual Share


Zurker gives you 1 locked Zen for refereeing member, locked means that Zen can only be used to purchase vShare. You will get link on ‘referrals’ page via you can invite your friends to join zurker and you can earn vShares through it. You should keep in mind that member you are referring they should validate their e-mail address and should fill profile info, and then only you will be credited. Currently vShares are priced @ Rs. 150 for India, means you will require 3 Zen to buy 1 vShare. Inviting friends to join the network you earn a vShare. Now, these don’t count as real shares until Zurker becomes a publicly traded company but it’s still a pretty good start and this might become best future investment. You should accept zurker policy and should fill up share holder’s data then only your vShares will be considered as valid.

Zurker interface is simple to use, with features line channels for online chat, confabs for private chat and zones to categorize your updates and tagging. Zurker community will become multi-millionaire within next 3 years. It provides transparent open book statistics of investments. At the Max, 500 vShares can be earned through referrals and 500 vShares can be purchased, to maintain equity and democracy on zurker. You can become Zurker Hero by investing and supporting the growing social network. As more and more people join Zurker, traffic and revenue will grow, increasing the value of your vShares. Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants such allows the NSA to extract user data from its servers, but zurker claims that they will maintain privacy and will never share user data.


Zurker SEO


Best Features:

  • Zurker is a member-owned application.
  • Zurker is driven by democracy.
  • You are owner of zurker.


Referring friends is always better than investing in an application and waiting to get its benefits after its world level sell. Zurker is currently in ‘beta’ state and site will undergo technical, technological and world revolution in this decade, so you require an invitation to join zurker community.

In social media anything is possible; truly it is beauty of social media, so you can’t say that there will be no two successful social networking websites in coming years. For more reading about technology news in singapore and seo to online marketing do view more about other pages.

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