Xbox in China: Microsoft has done the Trick ahead of Sony

The largest potential gadget industry has finally been in hand as Microsoft has recently launched their Gaming machine Xbox in China. With this decision, Microsoft has become the first main console maker in order to enter the China market which is thought to be the most lucrative market in this regard. Sony has fallen behind in pursuing this massive market as this could be a major setback for them comparing the booming sales Microsoft will enjoy there in the Asian giant. However it has been a real mouthwatering topic for all the game lovers about these two companies along with Nintendo were fighting hard to grab the China market for so long.

The first consoles that were sold in China; happened in Shanghai; at the price of 4,299 yuan which is $699 and £430. But Sony and Nintendo are still in the progress of launching their products similar to Xbox. In January 2014, the Chinese govt. has finally lifted the 14 year ban on the consoles which were banned for the worrisome content of these in the first place. Despite lifting the ban, still many worldwide popular games are still missing in the free market zone. Microsoft has only been able to release ten of their games on box One, but they claimed that there are still 70 other games in the pipeline. With this, Microsoft has been comprehensively able to outsell PlayStation 4 from Sony.

But a game analyst from HIS named Piers Harding-Rolls told the BBC, “There’s advantages and disadvantages in being first.There’s obviously potential. Overcoming the issues of piracy, overcoming the issues of pricing, having the right content to connect with the local audience – those are all big issues.”

Sony has already set up a business partnership in order to launch the PS4 in China though the date has not been set yet. Both the companies will have to fight with the black market captured through imported illegally of the consoles of pirated versions of games.

Microsoft’s Chief Executive Satya Nadella has visited the Asian country last week and also pledged the national govt. to help with the related investigation. The recent activities of Microsoft had been greatly influenced by the recent purchase of Minecraft by them. As Mr. Harding-Rolls said, “I don’t think Minecraft has been heavily exposed to the Chinese market. It ticks all the boxes for regulatory requirements in China. It’s educational, it’s not heavily violent. I would suspect that they’re thinking very seriously about bringing it to China. It sits well with the regulatory demands.”
Microsoft purchased Minecraft’s Swedish developer named Mojang for the price of $2.5 billion earlier this month.

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