Where to find exeggcute in singapore (Pokemon Go)?


Where to find exeggcute in singapore?

where to find exeggcute in singapore? From my last post I write about where to find charmander in singapore,  This time round i manage to find another spawning in singapore. This can really help those who want to grow their pokemon stronger and it can make sure we go to the right place to catch pokemon instead of crowding at the wrong place. I hope again I can provide good information to people who likes this game.


Latest finding of exeggcute in singapore.

From my last research exeggcute can be found at Singapore Botanic Garden (I mean the whole botanic garden), as of 24.08.2016. I dunno when will this stop. From my latest finding charmander can be found spawning crazy at warren golf club and its still spawning. I really hope people can enjoy this game properly, and find the right pokemon at the right place.


Location and address where you can find exeggcute in singapore.

Singapore Botanic Garden

1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

Opening hours: Monday – sunday, 5AM-12AM.


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