Video SEO : What you need to know.

By posting your videos on the internet you definitely wish for them to reach a certain target.Video optimization is done to ensure they match what people are really searching.If this misses out,you may not hit your target.Google is the largest search engines followed by You Tube.According to a research done by Nate Elliot at Forrester ,videos are widely sought after and they can rank your page faster.

• Ensuring that your videos rank top.The secret is to know what your audience likes?What language do they engage in?What are their needs/wants?These 12 points will not only help your page rank high on Google and You Tube but you will instantly gain popularity among your fans.

• Offer good quality.Don’t just post videos with no tangible information.As a rule ensure that what you are posting is rich in content,Should be informative and they should be informative.Try posting videos which address real issues and so forth.Make them short,fun,memorable and should at the end leave the viewer craving for more from you.

• Your title is key.Before your viewer can stop and watch your video they must have been made to do so.the title is very key in attracting your target.Let the title be like magnet pulling the viewer to your stuff.A quick keyword search will reveal to you what the masses are searching for.

• Select your tags wisely.Add tags in order to optimize your videos.Simple words not complex terminologies.

• Put a short description of your videos.Let your viewers have an idea of what the video is all about even before they click to view.

• Make your video the gateway to your other sites.Make your video links are interconnected to increase your page rank.

• Give your video transcription.This will indeed increase your rank in search engines.

• Keeping your video at five or less minutes is the ideal thing to do if you want people to love watching your staff.People don’t have the time to watch a long video.

• Make the work easy for search engines to identify your staff by submitting video sitemap to Google.Use Google Webmaster to do this.

• Be unique with your staff by adding a brand or logo to your videos.People will want to view your videos the moment they see your brand.
• Well don’t limit the marketing of your video to yourself alone.Embed it to allow for others to post it in their website.

• Enlarge the platform by syndicating your video to RSS feeds in order to drive more traffic to your video site.

• Set yourself to market the video through social media.let your friends,relatives and acquaintances spread the word for you.

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