Validation Testing

What is the validation testing? Explain alpha and beta testing?

Validation testing begins at the culmination (climax) of integration testing when individual components have been exercised software is completely assembled as package and interfacing error have been uncovered and correct. Testing focuses on the user visible action and user recognizable output from system. Validation can be defined as that of the validation succeeds when software functions in a manner that can be reasonably expected by the customer. These are known all about the validation testing.

There are some validation criteria these criteria are as follow:-

1)      Software validation is achieved through the series of a test that demonstrate conformity with some requirements.

2)      A test plan outlines the classes of the test to be conducted and test procedure defines the specific test cases.

3)      Both the plan and procedure are designed to ensure that all function requirements should cover. All behavioral characteristics are achieved and all the performance requirements are attained, document should correct and usability and other requirement are met.

4)      After the each validation test case has been conducted one of the two possible condition are exists

a)      The function or performance behavior conforms to specifications and is accepted

b)      Devlation from specification is uncovered and deficiency list is created

These are all the some validation criteria for implementing the validation testing in it.

Configuration review:-

An important element of validation process intent of the review is to ensure that all elements of the software configuration have been properly developed and cataloged with the configuration review of the validation testing. And it is sometimes called as the audit. These are all about the configuration review and the validation testing.


Validation Testing


Alpha and beta testing:-

It is virtually impossible for a software developer to forces how the customer will really use program. Instruction for use may be regularly used. When customer software is build for a one customer a series of a acceptance test are conducted to enable the customer to validate the all requirement. Now Acceptance test can range from an informal test drive to plan a and systematically executed series of test. If software is developed as a product to be used by many customers it is impractical to perform formal acceptance test for everyone. Most of the software product builders use a process called as a alpha and the beta testing to uncover error that only end user seems able to find. These are known all about the how to do the alpha and beta testing.

Now how it separate from each other these are as follow:-

Alpha testing:-

1)      Alpha testing is a conducted at a developer site by end user.

2)      Software is used in a natural setting with the developer “looking over the shoulder” of a typically user and recording error.

3)      Alpha test are conducted in controlled environment.

Beta testing:-

1)      It is a conducted at end user site.

2)      Developed is generally not present.

3)      Beta test is “live” application of software.

4)      The end user records all problems that are encountered during beta testing and report these to developer at regular intervals which result in that problem reported during beta testing, software engineer  makes the modification and then prepare for release of the software product to entire customer base.

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