Using the Google Display Ad Builder

Most people and marketers for that mater have been using only text ads for many years now.The truth is that using text ads can be boring and tiring.It appears to be so monotonous.many have been asking if there is a better,more vibrant and more attractive way of going about this mater.We have good news to you.There is a better way to brand your online marketing banner so that it is more attractive and able to drive more traffic to your site.

As you might have noticed,it is not easy to make an impact in the field of online marketing unless you are creative enough to come with new marketing strategies each time.Creativity is key in designing a successful campaign banner.

Now,Google has come out to help you in making a worthwhile campaign banner by offering a tool which is part of the AdWords platform called Ad Builder.This is how it works.

It is quite easy to use the tool if you just want to come up with an ad banner.It is not complicated at all.The templates offer a good platform for this.If you are more advanced in designing ads banner from the scratch,you can begin with a blank plate and create your banner.There are countless plates you can choose from.

The following steps will be of help in creating your campaign banner.
First,launch the Ad Builder display.Open the Ads tab as soon as you are through creating your campaign banner.Open the “New Ad” option then select the “Display and builder” from the drop down menu.

The next thing you need do is to choose your referred template matching what you want.Well be sure to select the best because different templates offer different amounts of customization.Take some time to peruse through the templates.

The third step is to add you have the advantage of using both text and images.Only be cautious to add images which match with you campaign theme.use the “Display Advertising” section.In the description box write what you thing is a catchy slogan.
The fourth and final step is to add graphics.There are options presented to you from where you can select your image.

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