Top 10 SEO Tips

1. For every video you post on YouTube, add a transcript #seo #video #webmarketing
2. Segment your xml sitemap by category or any relevant business taxonomy #seo
3. Stay on top of your Google Quality Score and keep your score high. This will lower CPC & increase visibility #seo #ppc
4. Are you optimizing your site for page load? Try to aim for 3-5 sec load time. Use Webmaster Tools to find issues #seo #gwt
5. If you targeting the Canadian market, make sure you setup a .ca and optimize your site for local search #seo
6. When you optimize pages for #seo try to stay customer-centric by crafting customer-focused content. Better for panda!
7. Want to sink the competition on the SERP? Take advantage on the new Google sitelinks (12 for organic and 6 for paid searches)
8. Diversify your anchor texts with a blend of exact match keyword, derivatives and brand terms or url: 50%, 30%, 20% #seo
9. Did you know that content curation attracts inbound links? Start by republishing a small excerpt of content on your blog #seo
10. Leverage your connections and get an authoritative person in your industry to share your content or write a blog about you!

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