The Future of E-Commerce : Business and Success

If you are doing business & only using internet for enjoying social media, then change your way of thinking! Start promoting & grabbing your customers online, reach up to globe & become rich!! The concept of a virtual storefront has created brand new business opportunities for many upstarts and even some already established. Companies such as eBay and Amazon have revolutionized the way businesses can sell and many other merchants have eagerly jumped on the e-commerce opportunity.


The Web is used by organizations for the purposes like collaborating, communicating information, obtaining information and sharing information. One application of the Web that is grabbing headlines in virtually every media is Internet commerce or Electronic Commerce (e-commerce). The current trends show that the use of the Internet, smart phones and the confidence of the people in using their credit cards online is growing exponentially. Hence, ecommerce is here to stay, and we have to adapt ourselves to become smarter online buyers and sellers and web entrepreneurs.

E-commerce is about the monetary transaction, but it could also be the transaction that takes place when you download a free piece of software or update customer service records.  E-Business covers all things related to the electronic exchange of information. E-business is about redefining business models and fundamentally changing the way the company operates. When a company has been doing business a certain way for many years, shifting gears to become an electronic business is no small task. Companies that are succeeding in electronic commerce have understood that the real issues are beyond the transaction. The future of e-commerce looks promising for small businesses

The major shortcoming with online shopping to date has been the instant gratification that comes with in-store shopping.  Even in an economic downturn, e-commerce was the only retail outlet that actually experienced growth. E-commerce is likely here to stay, sure it may evolve, but the basic foundation of shopping online is a permanent fixture in the commercial retail environment.

Small Business can dive into:

Invest in mobile:  Mobile market is very big, so it will be always beneficial to invest in mobile market as it will be keep growing in next few years.

Social advertising:  You can promote your business online to make your foundation of customer base. Advertising on social channels like Facebook and Twitter can be that bridge to a new frontier.

Video content:  Social media impact for consumer-facing companies is essential to maintaining a core consumer base and quickly marketing your store

Digital couponing:  some reports shown that 35 percent of respondents found that digital coupons “helped with new ideas,” regarding the purchase of products.


Now the e-businesses are also offering multichannel-access to their customers. Integration of enterprise applications is crucial to the success of e-business. In the future the most common mode of e-business will be B2B platforms, B2C platforms. So the buyers will have more options and it is easy to compare products on the websites through clicking same kind of products pictures. In this year, it will remain challenging for the West and filled with opportunities for the East. We’ll see changes not only in the relationship between online and offline, but also in import and export in the markets.

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