The Dark Side of SEO: Dark Hat SEO

The Dark Side of SEO: Dark Hat SEO

Search engines are not foolproof. We have all, at some point in our searching lives, found a weblink on the web that seemed exciting or helpful but when visited were frustrated to find that the location web page was junk. Not only is it annoying but a complete pointless.

To receive a good position, some website developers use spamdexing or as we like to call it black hat seo. Spamdexing or black hat seo techniques are the use of various techniques to purposely operate HTML webpages to synthetically improve their placement on the search engines look for search engines.

Everyone has been a sufferer of spamdexing or black hat seo. From the university student who is doing research for their Shakespearean article, to the entrepreneur trying to produce material for their market related site, even the thoughts behind the search engines are frustrated to say the least.

Spamdexing uses search engines by completely neglecting decent types of seo. Spamdexers use a variety of techniques to make sure their websites are shown in the rich first two webpages of look for results; in many situations the
pages are unrelated and even incomprehensive. Spamdexing contains the following techniques.

Keyword Stuffing:

This contains the practice of overusing a word to improve the keyword and key phrase regularity on a web page. Most modern search engines now have the ability to evaluate whether the regularity is above normal level.

Hidden or Unseen Links:

When a website owner makes several websites on the same or similar subject and hyperlinks them all together through invisible hyperlinks. The several websites may or may not have original material, in most situations they do not.

Hidden Text:

Putting written text (usually keywords) where guests will not see them to improve a page’s keyword and key phrase relevance. This is generally done by making some written text the same as the backdrop color of the site ie. White-colored words on a white backdrop.

Meta tag Stuffing:

Repeating search phrases in the Meta data more than once and/or using search phrases that are unrelated to the website’s material.

Link Spamming:

Google views web page position through weblink research, the more websites that backlink to your website the higher the position. Some website owners may create several websites at different websites that all weblink to one another. This is the toughest way of back hat seo techniques.


This technique contains displaying guests and search engines different
versions of a web page.

Each of the above techniques is a way of spamdexing or black hat seo, and will get website owners who put them to use prohibited from the look for motor marketing. Google has taken an active part to fight against spamdexing. From Jan 25, 2005 it went after websites that specific in Google bombing.

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