The Biggest SD Card is Here

If you are a photographer and getting frustrated with a lower space in your camera when it comes to memory card; then your days of anger and helpless are gone. SanDisk just has broken the record of the largest SD card in terms of capacity, as recently it has revealed its latest SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I memory card having a space of 512 gigabytes. It is; without any doubt the largest memory SD card that ever got in to the market. SanDisk has shown its latest blast at the International Broadcasting Convention arranged in Amsterdam on the last Thursday. With this postage stamp, SanDisk is hoping it to be the favorite for those who are passionate about pro level photographing as well as video graphing and also want to shoot in 4K definition. After this latest edition, experts are suggesting that there will be a time when an SD card will be holding up to 2 terabytes of space; which is approximately 2,000 gigabytes.

As it has been told that its main purpose to serve them who are willing to shoot in 4K format, it is 4 times the resolution of HD; which needs larger storage. While depending on the compression, it seems that a one minute 4K shooting needs about 5GB of memory space. So launching a 512GB memory card is a new boost for the professionals and passionate ones.

Before this addition, there are memory cards available with the range of 8GB to 256GB. The new product is unbelievably fast with the maximum speed up to 90 megabytes per second. Price of this ultra storage card is $799, though you can get it a little cheaper from the retailers and ordering through online. So as awesome as it may sound, it is not quite affordable for amateurs and general people; rather its target customers are mainly industrial professionals who generally work in the high speed photography fields with ultra high definition videos.

SanDisk announced that, “The new offering is designed to meet the demands of industry professionals who require the most advanced gear available for shooting 4K Ultra High Definition (3,840×2,160p) video, Full HD video (1,920×1,080) and high-speed burst mode photography.”

With these kinds of features and attributes, this SD card is expected to deliver a recording speed of high enough; which is designated as UHS Speed Class 3 in order to ensure higher resolution, shutter free ultra 4K HD video, proper real world color production and many more. It is expected to be water proof, temperature proof, x-ray proof and shock proof; as SanDisk claimed it to test under severe harsh conditions.

Though it is offering you higher quality with a lot more offerings, but people are tending to store their documents in the cloud storages. This can be a sign of worry for product like this. But still, it still is a strong and powerful preference as local storage

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