Software Testing


What Is Software Testing?

The main objective of software development is the quality. Software engineering is a layered technology. Any engineering approach (including software engineering) must rest on an organizational commitment to quality. When software is developed we need to review the software whether it is working properly to ensure the quality of software. During testing we uncover error, defects in software. You’ll make mistakes as you develop software engineering work products. Software testing is the most effective mechanism for finding mistakes early in the software process.


The goal of testing is design software with minimal defects. Reviews and other SQA actions can and do uncover errors, but they are not sufficient. Every time the program is executed, the customer tests it. Therefore, you have to execute the program before it gets to the customer with the specific intent of finding and removing all errors. In order to find the highest possible number of errors, tests must be conducted systematically and test cases must be designed using disciplined techniques. In short software testing ensures the quality of software.


Software Testing


Following are some software testing strategies.

Internal Testing

In internal testing we test the internal and technical details of product. We review the code to see any error in our code. Internal operations are performed according to specifications and all internal components have been adequately exercised. This type of testing is called as white box testing. In white box testing code is examined very closely at procedure level. There may be problem in loops, condition, cases, data in short we check the internal technical details of the program.


External Testing

External testing is done by non-expert tester he does not have internal knowledge about software. In this testing we just check weather software is performing as per user requirement or not. Here we give different inputs to the software and check whether it is performing as per user need. This testing is also known as white box or glass box testing.


Basis Path Testing

In basic path testing software tester ensures that every statement in the program at least one time during testing. All important statements are checked weather they are getting execute or not. For this testing a notation is used called flow graph which depicts the logical sequence in code. This notation describes how control goes from one step to another how program gets execute here we trace the program. The arrow denotes the flow control in program.


Loop Testing

In programming language loop is used to iterate statements number of times. There are different types of loop we have to check loops at different conditions. We skip the loop entirely; try only one pass through the loop, try two passes through the loop. Some loops are depend on other loops like nested loops and concatenated loops. Start at the innermost loop. Set all other loops to minimum values. Conduct simple loop tests for the innermost loop while holding the outer loops at their minimum iteration parameter (e.g., loop counter) values. So this is the special case in loop testing.

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