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Remote locations are closely related to each other due to social network. Today social network is the need of today as well undivided part of each one’s life. The advent of social networking has played vital role in lifestyle of human beings. Social network helps us to be connected to each other. The various means are provided to be connected like most used what’s app that is commonly known as what an application and second world widely used social network is Facebook. This social network is nervous of today’s live society. This helps to make relations between human and be in contact 24*7 and that for 365 days.

The Facebook and Twitter are the two means provided to be in touch and you can share your ideas, view, images all with your closed ones in no time. This network work without interrupt to provide a mean of communication for all individuals. The development of this media helps to work at a remote location and provide different services. You can upload your images and share these images with your friends. Using Facebook you can connect to your classmate who is globally located. You can be in touch with him and keep your friendship strong, even after a long period of time.

The views of your favorite personality or person whom inspire are there to motivate you and you can even share with your friends. If you like your friends comment or tweet you can like it. There are various tags provided through which you can make your friends happy and tweet them in their precious moments like birthday, occasions, etc. You can even add your new friends to your existing friend list. You can even poke your friends to make them feel taunted on the network.


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With above features it also helps to make your work in business, offices, school, and colleagues. Real time communication makes your life reliable. These are the fastest mode of communication for humans. You can make greetings on your walls with the use of various tags. Social network are mobile. As they are mobile you can relocate from one location to another. Even you relocate from one place to another but can be connected to your loved ones.

Using Facebook and twitter we can share experiences and thoughts. You can share even ideas that too with all of your friends. The main motive behind use of Facebook and other media. The most advent of social media you can search or find your friends on network and chat with them. These sites are worldwide used by social, political as well industrial.

How social networks are useful to us?

You can share ideas and views in very less time. It helps to communicate in real time using mobile phones, laptops, palmtops that are portable. Entertainment and update you with the latest information in the city as well worldwide. You can even find out information related to destination spots. The most vital is that you can create groups of your like. You can create pages of your like even and share with all other friends. It is the largest network of individual are connected to each other. This other followers can regularly visit their favorite person’s page and can keep him updated. Blogs are the columns or articles that a person can write for expressing his or her views on any subject he wishes to. These blogs of various celebrities, politicians, journalists, advocates, social workers are followed and much appreciated and visited.

Cons of social network: The assets of social network are also harmful or even hampering today’s society a lot. Security in social networks is not that much stronger. Many of hackers may perform illegal use of this social networking for reason of bugs, self benefits, etc. the social network can even be more hazardous if used illegally and can create havoc. These networking sites should be used properly without making illegal use of it. All of using network site likes Facebook; Twitter should take care of this.

It is totally dependent on users of social networking. How he uses the social network for his purposes. The social networks are two sides of the coin. It has positive as well negative side. So one should make use of these social networks in a proper way.

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