Slingshot SEO offers Free Webinar on SEO For E-Commerce: Challenges And Solutions

Slingshot SEO, a pioneering firm provides digital application for the commendable brands, is offering a webinar free of charge to online marketers who are engrossed in enhancing or boosting their e-commerce endeavors.

The “SEO for e-Commerce: Challenges and Solutions” is going to be presented on July 31, 2012 at around 1 PM Eastern time. The speakers attending comprises of Eric Enge, the Stone Temple Consulting services President as well as Jesse Laffen as the Director of the SEO Performance and the Slingshot SEO.

“A lot of E-commerce sites nowadays are facing a lot of several distinctive SEO problems,” stated Jesse Laffen, Slingshot’s SEO. “They generally have a number of pages that possess standard product descriptions that was taken from the manufacturer of the product. These pages will do little in differentiating the site from the descriptions utilized by other rival sites that are also selling related products. Another major problem is that they face considerable challenges when acquiring links to their site. With e-commerce sites, they need to work on something in order to stand out from the rest, so others will consider it sensible to link to their site.”

The presentation will specify these challenges and provide the types of solutions that e-commerce publishers can utilize in order to further develop and cultivate search traffic. With the presentation, you will understand certain topics such as ordinary SEO disputes that are distinctive to the e-commerce, how to build links for your e-commerce site and professional solutions to raise organic traffic.

Slingshot SEO is based in Indianapolis and was ranked as #58 on the 2011 list of Inc’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies. It was also gained rank #14 on the 2011 Tech200. Slingshot SEO was established in 2006 and has provided professional SEO services to hundreds of clients all over the country.

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