Punch Communications Recommends Brands To Capitalize on Google+ Vanity URLS Once They Are Available

With the latest news that vanity URLs for Google+ accounts will be on hand.  Integrated PR, search and social media group Punch Communications is recommending brand markets to keep track of this development and hastily take advantage of the remarkable value that they will provide. A variety of individuals and brands with established profiles are now already approved, subsequent with the feature to become reachable on a wider basis, based on Saurabh Sharma, Google’s San Francisco office product manager. Sharma just recently publicized that the addresses will be available for people and pages all throughout the globe.

Currently, the Google+ URLS is composed of a sequence of numbers and letters. A variety of profile address shortening apparatus is now accessible since the service was released. It is done to assist brands as well as individuals personalize the address of their pages. Nevertheless, the upcoming Google+ update will enable users to hastily and effortlessly spot every profile directly via the medium.

Pete Goold, Punch Communications managing director said, “The fresh URLs will make them available to spoken promotion and will make their usage in printed message a lot simpler. This simplicity can bring about a raise in participation and commitment with various brand pages and services as an entirety.  The forthcoming vanity URL feature will enable appealing and agreeable page addresses all over the medium and will allow Google+ to struggle better with other well-liked social networking sites that already provide customizable URLs.

At the present, the exact date has not been announced when these custom addresses will be available to the users.

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