Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720 is an addition to the new Lumia family. It has been blessed with Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. It is thinner and slimmer than the other Lumia smart phones from Nokia. It seems to have the right size and right design as compared to Nokia Lumia 820. But is it the device that we are looking for? Let’s check it out.


Simple compared to Other Lumia phones

Nokia has kept Lumia 720 very much similar to the HTC’s 8x. The shape and weight of both the devices match but the main difference their prices. Lumia 720 is much cheaper than the other one. Whereas comparing 720 with other Lumia models, 720 gives a better feel and comfort than 920 and 820. With a metal finish instead of the bright colors found on the Lumia 920, this Smart phone is not at all slippery as compared to other Smart phones and its shine does not produce unsightly fingerprints as well.


Wireless charging like cherry on the top

Wireless charger is seriously cherry on the top with such cheap price. Wireless charger was seen in 820 as well as in 920. Other then wireless charging it provides microSD slot and wide-angle camera. It has 8GB of internal storage, a dual-core 1GHz processor, and only 512MB of RAM powering the Windows Phone UI and its apps. Its back is not removable but the wireless charger is an option. We char remove the wireless charger body which makes it heavy. This is for the first time that Nokia has integrated a microSD slot into its design with Lumia 720.  A 6.7 MP camera is sufficient for Lumia to fight with the Smartphones in this range. It has a small circular speaker at the backend of the device.


Nokia Lumia 720 


A low resolution but still a high-quality display

It’s still disappointing not to see a 720p display in Nokia Lumia 720, especially when 1080p is becoming the standard for high-end Android Smart phones.  Nokia has placed perfectly capable cameras in on both sides of the Lumia 720.  The rear camera which is 6.7 megapixels has not performed well in low lights but its working is just amazing in day light in fact better than any other smart phones in its range.


Common windows features

If you have used windows 8 before then this device will not surprise you as much because most features are same as that of other Lumia devices. The 720’s biggest hardware problem is that it only includes 512MB of RAM. The latest temple run cannot be searched on this device because it cannot run temple rum with only 520 MB RAM.


Great battery backup

Nokia’s Lumia 720 includes a 2,000 mAh non-removable battery. It’s surprising that Nokia has used such a high-capacity battery inside this mid-range device. Nokia claims Lumia 720 will work around 13hrs of talk time and with 520 hrs of standby.


Final take

Nokia’s Lumia 720 is the Lumia design you have been waiting for, but it’s not the whole package. Lumia is very good in the devices of its range but lags slightly as compared to the 920. The most interesting feature in Lumia 720 is its amazing front and rear camera in such a cheap price. My rating to Lumia 720 will be 7/10.

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