Maxthon launches MxNitro for Windows

Microsoft, along with the Windows users have been blessed with a fascinating news which is supposed to be a clear indication for the expected boom on the number of Windows users as far as the Microsoft is concerned. On September 16 Maxthon has revealed its newest and latest browser system in order to serve those who use Windows operating system. It is MxNitro; which is the short version of Maxthon Nitro. With this updated browser, Maxthon claims that it is ‘the fastest PC browser in the world’. This news has come just after the video clip release incident of the upcoming ‘Windows 9’; which is surely be expected to give a massive gear to go for the Windows operating system for all the desktop and PC users. It is claiming it to be even faster than Chrome; which has been the flagship leader in terms of browsing in the Windows operating system for many years. Along with this, Maxthon also exposed mini version of MxNitro for android users. So taking over the ‘Nokia’ handset, Windows is surely hoping to make a strong mark in the gadget industry.

Besides, Maxthon is a renowned company that has been started to make browser for Windows. But its latest view has been expanded to the other fields as well. But their main goal is always to provide supports to the users who use Windows operating system.

Having said it to be the fastest browser in the world, Maxthon explained that this has been made possible with the minimal user interface load with “new patent-pending pre-connection and pre-fetching technology”. The company has also stepped up regarding its new virtual product that MxNitro is free from hog resources that is the main reason behind delaying the startup times as well as page rendering.

Being under development since the month of March in 2014, Maxthon claims that it has taken MxNitro to such a position that it has the ability to start faster, load and fetch Web pages quicker than any of the existing browser designated for Windows PC. Along with all these, it has also stated some features regarding this-

  • It has the capability to install start three (3) times faster than the Chrome 37, the existing fastest Windows PC browser.
  • Loads all the verified and trusted web pages thirty percent faster than Chrome 37.
  • Design is clutter free, has an intuitive look and is designated to make the users more comfortable and familiar.

With several testing, it has apparently been proven to be quite faster. But its lack of core and basic features will make someone to suffer a bit. But the company is being confident with its latest product. It says that this browsing system is built with a view to targeting those users who want a high performance based and stripped down browser with the minimal design, CPU footprint along with lower memory usage. So if you are a Windows operating system user, MxNitro is obviously worth a try and install.

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