Lunar’s Chosen Full game Walkthrough

Full game play uncut

Lunar’s Chosen is a fantasy based, story heavy, adult game.

Play as the main character who is bestowed the ability to read minds by the Goddess Lunar, but that’s not all his power can do, even if he doesn’t know it yet.
Help him discover more about his abilities and the people around him as he navigates this new found power. Meet with a witch who knows a lot about magic and quite likes to experiment using the new and unusual form of magic you now possess.

Unfortunately, others are also interested in this unique power. Moving in with your best friend seemed like a good idea at first, but now she’s in danger thanks to your new powers.

Navigate the main story, while also meeting a host of other characters, each with their own storylines. Experience their unique personalities as you learn about them and help them learn new things about themselves. Starting your own erotic photo studio, opening a fetish club and curing a cursed penis are just a few of the activities you will be a part of.

Ever met a vampire that wants to settle down and start a family? How about a demon that’ has had their power stripped away until you decide they can have it back? Or maybe a fairy that seems to enjoy insulting you, while simultaneously being obsessed with human anatomy? Well now you can meet them all in Lunar’s Chosen!

Full Game Play Below:

Full game play uncut

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