Loewy Design Wins “Outstanding Website” Award And Two Other Top Distinctions

Loewy Design garnered the 2012 Web Marketing Association “Outstanding Website” award for the redesign of the website of Waterlogic. In addition, the interactive agency also garnered three awards for the website design category such as the “Education Standard of Excellence” for the Middle Country Public Library and “Public Relations Standard of Excellence” for ICR. The agency was pleased to be awarded again by the WMA as one of the leading interactive agencies worldwide. Previously, the agency garnered another “Outstanding Website” award.

The Waterlogic website created by Loewy Design acquired the score of 9.5 for design while the WebAward standard was only 7.9 for design in the group of manufacturing. “I love the website! Outstanding design and arrangement, it was simple, clean and effortless to navigate. There was a fine handling of the drop down feature for additional information on the pages,” remarked by one of the WMA judges.

“I am pleased to see that the newly-built Waterlogic website acquired the acknowledgment that it deserves. There was a lot of devoted work done on the project and it was considered as a challenge to even out all the requirements. I applaud the team of Loewy Design as well as the marketing team of Waterlogic for all their effort,” stated Stephanie King, Waterlogic marketing executive.

Watch out for the further success of Loewy Design. It is a full service firm situated in Melville, NY. They have been providing online as well as offline marketing, design, branding and strategic services way back in 1998. They also provide high-end interactive solutions as well as technology and application design up to business development. We love to share great technology news singapore and seo.

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