Kairos Internet Marketing becomes Google AdWords Certified Partner

Kairos Internet Marketing is a web marketing firm that publicized that it has been awarded the status of Google AdWords Certified Partner Company. As the only Internet marketing firm based in Frederick, Maryland that holds the highly recognized status, Kairos Internet Marketing is known to offer professional Google AdWords account setup, management, search engine optimization and other Internet marketing services that are highly useful for online marketers.

In order to become a Google AdWords Certified Partner company, Kairos Internet Marketing had to comply with Google’s guidelines for showcasing knowledge, skill as well as the expertise when dealing with the AdWords program. A number of the qualifications include the proper management of at least $10,000 advertising over a 90 day period as well as having at least one individually qualified and competent employee who was able to pass a minimum of two certification examinations over a given period of time.

“Our goal is to aid businesses in reaching the suitable and targeted clients at exactly the appropriate time, once they are in search for the ideal solution on the web,” said Ray Hrach, president of Kairos Internet Marketing. “Google AdWords showcases a one of a kind chance for businesses to reach out to clients with superior targeted ads that are capable of providing immediate results.”

Kairos Internet Marketing is based in Frederick, Maryland. With Kairos Internet Marketing, it specialized in utilizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and landing page optimization in order to boost the sales of clients.

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