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VIN, i.e. Vehicle Identification Number, it is a unique serial number used by the automotive industry & it helps you to provide basic information of the vehicle. The VIN is 17 characters long and it is composed of WMI, VDS and VIS. If you want to get full VIN report online, then you may have to pay for it, for free you will only get basic information of the vehicle.  Some of the free vehicle history report which are obtained through VIN decoder contains brief information about Number of owners, Mileage records, serious accidents, deployed airbags, odometer Issues. If you are going to purchase used vehicles you should get all details about the vehicle you are going to purchase, so for this purpose VIN helps a lot. You can get free history reports of your vehicle with the help of VIN through offline or online dealers.

Steps for getting Free VIN Check

Step 1: Find your vehicle’s VIN; it may be located on several places: the front of the engine block, the front end of the frame, the driver side door or interior dash.

Step 2: Find website providing free trials of paid services and to check your VIN is valid not tempered.

Step 3: Always start from free services and go advanced with paid options for full analysis.

Step 4: Choose best option after completing your research on step 1 & 2, to run VIN check.

Free VIN Check

Many automotive companies provide VIN lookup services to help customers to maintain their vehicles data, but you can’t get all vehicles data, they only maintain data of their brand. Vin Check companies buy thousands of vehicle VIN decode reports at a time at around $2-$3 each in cheap price, and then they re-sell them at whatever price they want, so there may be lack of actual information or updated information in VIN reports. You should be able to physically inspect the tires, engine, suspension, brakes, steering etc.

VIN check alerts you about:

  • Flood damage
  • Accident history
  • Multiple owners
  • State emissions violations
  • Excessive vehicle: taxi, rental etc.


To get free VIN report from free websites, Process is very simple and you can download service history report within few minutes. For multiple VIN Decode reports for multiple vehicles the better solution is to buy unlimited car reports & download them whenever required. These reports help in determining the correct vehicle value. You can also get free car VIN report through CarFax’s or AutoCheck’s websites. You may ask dealers to obtain vehicle maintenance report or simply you can join few used car discussion forums, it may help you in getting information about dealers or free service report providing websites. If some websites offer free vehicles reports, they may also ask you to upgrade or to take membership, because it requires time & investment to collect the information. So, you can clearly understand that if you pay, then only you will get detailed history report, this might be beneficial to you for valuation of vehicle.

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