Find Your Car’s Service History Online

If you are purchasing used car or you might be interested in participating the auction to purchase the car, then you may need to check the service history of car through online resources. You may be unsuccessful in finding car history because some garages keep data, some not. If you bought car, it have user manual but not the service history then you can track it online. You may do checks with the help of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or private maintenance check. You will also need to check MOT certificate. Dealers may provide facility to garages and users to maintain car’s service and maintenance history.

How to get service history?

Best way is to browse manufacturer or dealer website to track your car’s service history. You have to type VIN into the company’s Web site and you may immediately receive a report on the vehicle’s history.  Generally, dealers have subscriptions to the large car history report services, so you can get your vehicles maintenance report through your dealer. You can check for government websites to get service reports, to get your car’s service history online through MOT, you needs vehicle registration mark, i.e. MOT test number and document reference number from the V5C registration certificate.

You will need to check data:

  • Reported as stolen?
  • Still finance owing?
  • Undergone through accident?
  • Contains Mileage discrepancy?

Full service history represented in the report shows that the vehicle has been properly maintained from time of purchase to sell, it will be good luck for you if it contains official dealer’s stamps. You can also perform check through Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), to determine if a vehicle has been reported as stolen, but not recovered. Online Database may be able to show the owner’s name and the year of registration on entering just the Vehicle registration number. Some resources are available free but some are not. Many companies list the companies which provide vehicle report costing only a few dollars. You can buy service history reports from just $ 4, some of the dealers or online providers provides refund guarantee. Creating a false service history for a car is prohibited through the law; the Trade Descriptions Act 1986, in a magistrate’s court, the punishment can be a fine of up to $5,000 to $6,000 per offence.


Find Your Car service history online


Maintenance Made Easy

Maintenance can be made easy by maintaining car’s maintenance records into centralized database through dealer’s channel with manufacturer responsibility. Few manufacturers like BMW, Renault and Mazda, have centralized records, so you can go to dealer’s websites for retrieving service history for the car you might be interested into purchase.

There is risk of the online records of car history may be fake. You should be able to check yourself by looking and checking car physically. If car doesn’t have service history, you should not consider it as a good bargaining tool for getting the price down. Finally, Seller-Customer trust matters in business. So, Enjoy your deals with being analyzing each thing before using it.

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