Enterprise Management System (EMS)

        This article gives the information of Enterprise Management System (EMS). In today’s age of information and technology the way business being operated has changed completely. The business needs of today have changed and the response that is expected from the business enterprise by the customer is instant. Today’s business enterprise thrive on information, they are information hungry and in a such scenario the system that is developed and implemented by the enterprise should consider the complete enterprise and the effect a event would have on enterprise. The system need to be automated in accordance with the need of the business enterprise, interfacing with other system need to also be done. What we need is an enterprise wide system that caters to the need which is an integrated system using modern technology of communication and information processing as a support and such a system is the Enterprise Management System.

        Enterprise Management System is made up system which when implement in an integrated manner with an aim to coordinate and bring about cooperation within a function of an enterprise. Enterprise Management System (EMS) is made up of integrated Enterprise Resource Planning. (ERP), Supply Chain Management(SCM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The  crucial component of EMS is the ERP which controls the support systems like;

  • EDI:-Electronic Data Interchange.
  • AMS:-Attendance Management System.
  • DMS:-Document Management System.
  • CMS:-Communication management system.
  • SMS:-Security management system.

        The ERP plays the pivotal role of taking the major decision and executing of this decision the enterprise revolves around the ERP. The EMS manages the function of the enterprise with support of ERP. EMS provides the vital information needed by the middle as well as the top management to aid their decision making.



1.     Electronic Data Interchange is the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic media. EMS is used to transfer electronic documents or business data from one computer system to other computer system.

Attendance Management System is the system of managing attendance or presence of work information, which increase and motivates employee attendance thereby minimizing loss. If company are on loss due to employee downtime time it is time to opt for a good time attendance managing system.

A few reasons to implement an attendance managing system:

  • Save you lots of time.
  • Promotes optimal and consistent attendance at work.
  • Ensures proper utilization of the human capital.
  • Ensures maximum productivity.

3.      Document management system (DMS) is a computer system used to track and store electronic documents or images of paper documents. DMS is designed to keep important data into database and making them available them when demanded for document support.

4.      CAD/CAM is broad term describing the use of computer technology to help in the construction, analysis and construction of products. The design and drawing are also stored in a database.

5.      Communication Management System is the proper planning, implementing, supervising, and revision of all channels of communication within organization and between organizations.

6.      Security Management System is broad field of management related to asset management physical security and human resource safety function. Information generated through SMS is sent to ERP.

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