Don’t Get overwhelmed with big data

You should be time to time updated with each field that is around your specialized working area. Social networks have certainly grown the potential of data in our lives as connected people. Big data has emerged as companies need to find ways to manage massive amounts of data. Overwhelming of data or knowledge comes when we try to go deep into all things that we are doing repeatedly. Overhead allocation is one of the most misunderstood and challenging concept for the businesses. Technology Spectator writes that, “For years, IT managers have had to deal with the threat of rogue or uninvited devices compromising their systems and network architecture.” Start with an inventory of the audience data you’re generating through your sites; then identify how to grow. If you’re a content publisher, you need to deliver relevant and engaging content to your site’s visitors. It generally amazes that we have build up the knowledge base that we have. Don’t be overwhelmed by data! It’ may seem complicated, but the decision-making power it gives you is extremely valuable.

For overcoming from the Over-Info, remember the following points:

  • Choose your platform & commit to it
  • Limit your goals & select your method
  • Monitor
  • Maintain & simplify it with technology

Collecting data is one thing, but using it is a different skill. When you decide to put your data to use, first identify the data types and sources to use. We connect and provide aggregate data for companies, or cut ourselves from the services that we depend on.  One reason is that the professionalism and perseverance of hard-working geoscientists and engineers to “get the job done” lead them to develop work-around that masks their frustrations about managing data. There is a solution to measure and quantify data management capability levels, which provides oil & gas companies a baseline comparison with their peers and identifies a road map to implement success.




A survey research concludes that despite the massive inflow of data, 1/3 of respondents reported that they are regularly unable find the right people to provide information when needed. It’s important for both publishers and marketers to explore all the data collection sources available to them. This means key information on talent potential and future capability is overlooked, effectively making targeted programs that identify the next generation of leaders and nurture talent for critical roles ineffective. Google, facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft manages their big data & work related to data management. So the secret of making big data manageable is to make it small by focusing on KPIs.

How to stop getting overwhelmed:

  • Find out why you’re overwhelmed.
  • Renew your mind
  • Get chilled with new ideas
  • Figure out what you can and can’t do
  • Prioritize
  • Focus on your work
  • Set boundaries
  • Behave nicely and in pleasant manner with others


Collecting and analyzing the large data sets can help companies make better decisions, predict probable outcomes, cut costs, identify new business opportunities, close more deals and retain more clients. If you manage data without getting overwhelmed, it will make key business processes more efficient – to monitor, standardize, integrate, better manage and, where appropriate, automate.

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Sourabh Bhunje

Sourabh Bhunje, B.E. IT from Pune University. Currently Working at Techliebe. Professional Skills: Programming - Software & Mobile, Web & Graphic Design, Localization, Content Writing, Sub-Titling etc.

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