Do you wish to Reclaim Lost Backlinks?

Now, if there is an easy thing to do is to reclaim a lost link. It is not only easy but effective. One of the best places to replace lost backlinks is from old but established websites. Although there are many ways of reclaiming these links, three of them will be given attention in this brief article.

Garrett French in his article on Link Equity Salvage highlights seven steps on how to go about this matter. They include; Redirecting pages, checking links on the page as well as link status and listing of old links which present great opportunities for backlinks.

So what are the three methods of reclaiming lost backlinks? First, check from broken or pages with multiple re-directions. Some of the ways to achieve this include the following; IIS SEO Toolkit, Xenu Link Sleuth (should be set to spreadsheet export) and Screaming Frog. To achieve this you may need to run a deep crawl. Achieve this by using all 300 Level Redirects and 400/500 Level Server Response Errors.

To hit your target you may need to employ the following tact. In order to run a deep crawl, first create two lists;

• One with redirects
• Another one with saver response errors.

Make use of the links in your catacombs. Try to identify pages that are neglected or rarely visited. It can be an old blog that has been unused for quite some time or an old press release or even old articles that no longer receive attention from the visitors.

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