Broken link building

Broken link building has for sometime now been a favorite move fro many people especially those in the online marketing fraternity. Many articles have been rolled on this subject and I cannot fail to add a point in this subject mater.

For many years, broken link building has been termed the most effective white hat link building strategy. A reputed link builder by the name of Russ Jones has this to say on the subject;

“In particular, broken link building is appealing because the success of the campaign is directly proportional to how much good you do for the web.”

Broken link building uses the following three techniques;

• Finding links on the internet that are no longer working,
• Offering the fixed URL to the webmaster, if possible, and
• Requesting your site or content is added to the page as well.

SEO has one goal of ensuring a positive outlook to the targeted clients. The web host also labor to ensure that the client is well served to ensure that the web page is in the best shape as possible. For marketers working on the Broken link has everything to do with making the internet better for the users by helping them not to click to dead links. With the notification messaging services, working on the internet has been raised to a higher platform hence making the operations easy so to speak.

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