Bing Tags : Larger Audience targeted

It is now possible for you to tag your friends on Bing. Well! This is not a recent occurrence since Bing did announce it last year. Through the friend tag button you are able to tag your friends on Bing. Friend tagging allows you to expand the scope of your target hence bringing more results as far as page ranking and increasing traffic to your site is concerned.

Well, what started as an experiment has gained approval and many are hooked up on Bing tagging their friends. Bing tags are being expanded. This is made possible by way of the added Augment Social Sidebar.

It is good news for many web marketers since Bing has made it possible to make your tags public. Initially tags were only visible to your friends. This new way of tagging gives you an opportunity to determine which tags to be seen by your friends only and which ones to make public.

This is how it works; immediately after tagging your friend in a search engine, they instantly receive a notification requesting them to accept the tag. After approving the tag yo will be able to make the tag public. You can still choose to make it private or still let only your friends see it.

The good news about this development as testified by Bing is that you have ultimate control on what to allow for public viewing and so on.It is safe in the sense that you cannot tag someone unless they have approved you to do so.

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