Applications of MIS in Service

The MIS  [Management Information System] that is used in the manufacturing sector is different from the one that is used in the service sector. We know the difference between manufacturing sector and service sector in manufacturing sector there is product to offer that mean manufacture produces product while in service sector the product and services are not tangible. We do not want to overlook the importance of MIS in both sectors they are equally important. The main intention of MIS in service sector is to provide most satisfying experience to the customer. Manager puts a lot of efforts to create a distinctive service to remain competitive in the industry. Now a day there is tough competition in the market that is why it is very essential to retain customers.

Following are some examples of MIS in service industry

  • Banking:

A bank is a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities, directly or through capital markets. A bank connects customer with capital deficits to customer with customer.


While design of the bank system for a bank system following points need to be taken care of.


Database contains information about accounts of individuals, companies and governments and private institutions and information about these account holders.

 MIS Service to the Management

Manager constantly need information to make important decisions. MIS helps manager to serve customer also as he is more aware of the position of his account in the bank.

  • Insurance:

In economics, insurance is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss.


Applications of MIS


MIS for New Products

Through it contacts in the industry and business the insurance company needs to gather information on the various needs of the market.

 MIS for updating Human Resources

Human is a great resource available is industry so the management of this resource with great care is needed. MIS allows manager to manage information of employees and to keep a track of training and development.


  • Airline:

Here Management Information Systems depends to a great extent on the business and the operations examine models and helps in taking care of the perplexing issue of the arranging and control.

Airline provides air transport service for passengers and cargo. In this industry the distinctive service that the airlines could offer are varied and the customers views the airlines in accordance with the distinctive service that they provide.

Passenger Database

Airline service MIS must be designed so that it supports for collecting all types of information. This helps to build up customer profile so that airline can understand needs of customer.

Following  customer information is stored in database.

a. Passenger information –
i. The type, Class and the purpose of travel.
ii. The socio – economic group.
iii. The duration of the stay at the destination.
iv. The food and the eating habits.
v. The language and the communication needs.
vi. The traffic flow between the cities & countries.
vii. The emerging/future pattern of travel.

b. MIS  serving passenger better –

The information collected can help company to serve passengers better.

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