Android vs. iOS

Smartphone’s have become undivided part of today’s society. The traditional cell phones of less features, customizability, memory and application are changed to super speed Smartphone’s. There are 2 major operating system that are used in your Smartphone’s and tablet that are Google based android and apple based IOS. The both renowned companies hold the nerves of market. The 2 biggest important Smartphone’s are grained by Google and apple.

As taking into consideration need and demands off customer the need of flexibility, applications, memory as well play store. The Apple company launched their IOS version based Smartphone in market in the year 2007. The Smartphone managed to fulfill the demand of customer to great level. The market was hold totally by apple phones and tablets. Later taking into considerations the drawbacks of IOS the Google launched their most powerful Android phone. This phone was based on android operating system.

Android vs IOS

What are major difference between the Android operating system and IOS operating system based Smartphone’s?

The android operating system based Smartphone’s provide more widgets and various different notifications for the user. This make a Android different from IOS based Smartphone’s.

The android cell phones are provided by lot applications and applications play store. Basically the android are based on Linux and IOS are based on UNIX. That attracts more customers to the android phones.

The maps provided by androids are quite famously known as Google maps. Considering the cost and number of customer attracted to the Smartphone. It is noticed that the android cell phones are economical as well flexible and faster speed.

The Google Smartphone based on Android operating system has gained large amount of customers as compared to Apple’s IOS operating system based Smartphone’s.

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