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Today we will check out why Google AdSense is the best advertisement program available for webmasters for earning online income. There are plenty of websites that offer text and banner advertisements but still webmasters look for most trusted and high paying websites for our blogs. Google AdSense is the most trusted and highly paying ads network around. We all know it is difficult to get accepted by AdSense and we are not going to discuss how to get approved for AdSense in this post but we will discuss what makes AdSense best.

Google AdSense is the ads program run by Google Inc. which allows webmasters (selected for this program) to serve text and image based advertisements on their websites and blogs. As per the reports showed on Wiki, in 2011; Q1 Google Inc. earned its 28% revenues from Google AdSense. So you can imagine how big it is. Now we shall see some other aspects that make it unique and best among the other ads networks.

Why Google AdSense is best?

Brand Name:

Being associated with Google Inc, AdSense has become a popular brand. Every publisher who is selected by AdSense is partnering with Google to serve ads on their sites. Google Inc is a big name in the Internet world. If we talk about Google Search only, we all know it is the biggest source of organic traffic for our sites. Google allow the publishers who are selected for this program to get along with it and monetize the site traffic to earn money online.

Ease of Use:

Google AdSense is very easy to use and has a rich user friendly interface. Webmasters need to add small JavaScript codes in their template code to serve ads on their sites. Publishers have complete control over the ads type and sizes. Google AdSense supports all the standard advertisement sizes and pays for CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mile or thousand) which means every time the ads on your site get viewed or clicked, you earn money.


Google Adsense



Being into this program, a publisher is able to block and allow ads. Publishers can allow and block ads on the basis of performance, if a webmaster thinks that a particular ad is not yielding good amounts he/she can easily block it using the AdSense dashboard.

High CPM and CPC rates:

Google AdSense offer high CPC and CPM rates to publishers. Sometimes people debate on this topic that AdSense CPM is not good but I personally believe that the CPC and CPM rates offered by AdSense are high as compared to other ads network. I am not yet enrolled in AdSense but I have confirmed this thing from many of my webmaster friends who are using AdSense ads on their blogs. You can also place ads under the post title to increase CTR.

Targeted Ads:

Google AdSense review the content of your blog and serve only targeted ads on your sites which ensure maximum revenue through clicks and impressions. Webmasters need not to worry about the relevance of ads because Google ads are always in relevance to the site content. For more reading about technology news in singapore and seo to online marketing do view more about other pages.

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