Acknowledged Advertizing

There are some possible reasons why I decided to name this post as “Acknowledged Advertizing”. Here I used the word “Acknowledged” for the advertisers and not for the consumers. Understanding consumer behavior and demands is the key to market any product with success. That is why most of the well known brands spend millions of dollars just for doing surveys and understanding consumer behaviors.

As a marketer if you think that customers will believe everything you are saying and trying to make them understand, then probably you are living thousand miles away from the marketing strategy of the 21st century. As a marketer and advertiser first you should consider what consumers are demanding and what makes your products insufficient to meet that demand.

Advertizing without quality product can increase sales for a limited amount of time, but advertizing with a quality product can create an everlasting effect among consumers. So if you want to create an impact on the market as a new emerging company with a new series of products you have to market your products via acknowledged advertizing. This is also true in case of established products in the market.

So to say in a nutshell, acknowledged advertizing means advertising after knowing consumer behaviors and manufacturing quality products based on changing demands.

Acknowledged Advertizing – Tips for marketers

Either your product is a famous one or it is totally new in the market, you should always give R&D (Research & Development) the highest priority. You should admit to your customers that the latest version of your product fulfills so many features that your previous version lacked.

Now let me give you some quality examples of what big brands are doing. Think of Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs. This single company has brought some revolutionary products over the last few decades. But have you ever heard them say this is the final version of iPod or iPad? When apple brought iPod for the first time in the market to give consumers the taste of digital MP3 music that can be stored within a small device which fits into a pocket, it was revolutionary. But the memory space of the first iPod was not enough to save thousands of music files and Apple Inc. updated their iPod with an ultra slim even more storage enabled version.

So the key worked with their marketing strategy is updating products before consumers ever thought about it. That is what has made Apple the most lovable consumer electronics brand in the world.

Not only you can update consumer electronic products but also you can update the recipes of your restaurant. Here we must have to mention the revolutionary change the Domino’s Pizza has made. In recent Domino’s “Oh Yes We Did” campaign they just brought new recipe in Pizza’s breaking the barrier of 50 years old recipe. Both in their print and TVC advertisement they admitted that their age old recipe was so monotonous and now they have replaced it with new recipes. Risky but true this new campaign has increased their monthly sales by 12%.

So being loyal and transparent to customers is the key to hit the market and gain popularity. You should prioritize what your customers want rather what you deliver.

Another great example I just can’t let it go. Facebook – the revolutionary online social media platform was initially developed by Mark Juckerberg. At that time there were many established brand like Orkut, Myspace, Twitter that had already took the market. So what’s special that has made facebook surpass them all? It’s the unique user experience that facebook has provided. Initially facebook didn’t invest a lot of money on advertizing rather they invested to develop a more friendly user interface. Still now we can see facebook is updating on a regular basis to give its user a better user-experience. Meeting friends and relatives has now become easier and a whole lot of fun for us.

Acknowledged Advertizing – endeavor to keep customers involved

Rather wasting time and money with so called “Buy one get another free” marketing tactics it’s time to make your business a smart piece of work. Either you are serving a consumer product or customer service; it’s your quality that can create an everlasting effect in consumers. Always remember the fact – “Quality comes first, profit is its logical consequence.”

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