5 Best Email Marketing Software for your Online Business

Why Email Marketing is Essential for your Online Business?

Marketing is essential for any business either it is offline or online. Without proper marketing strategy no business can grow and in case of online business there are certain marketing tools and strategies that you must use in order to survive. Email Marketing is one of the key marketing tools that you must implement as an online business owner. Think of Facebook as an online business for Mark Juckerberg and you as a general user of Facebook. How your relationship with facebook has started? By signing up with your email address right? As soon as you have signed up with Facebook your email address was enlisted in the Facebook database. Facebook uses your email address to maintain communication with you and keep you informed with their latest products and promotions. So it’s clear that email marketing is the only medium to build a relationship with the users or the clients in other sense.

How you can implement your own Email Marketing campaign?

Facebook has billions of users and they are sending emails to each of their user everyday every moment. It is never possible to send all these emails by human workforce. That’s why there is automated software known as auto-responder that does this task from sender end. An email auto-responder can instantly send a single email to all the subscribed users’ email address. It can also be used to send monthly newsletters, update about products, special offers on special occasion to users. There are good many Email auto-responder service available in the market. We are going to discuss about some top rated auto-responder that can give your online business a boost. It’s important that you choose a valued auto-responder service that is recognized by most of the mail servers. Otherwise all your sent emails will find their way in users’ spam box.


5 Best Email Marketing Software for your Online Business


Aweber is one of the leading Email Marketing Softwares available in the market. Aweber makes your email marketing campaign extremely easy for you. It has 150 ready to use html templates that you can start using immediately. You can build a list of your subscriber with the Aweber email sign up forms. It has all the tools available to easily collect, manage and segment your subscribers. You can also use Aweber for sending newsletter and automated mail to your customers. The RSS to Email tool allows you to integrate your blog’s feed in your email newsletter. You can sign up with Aweber just for US $1 later you can continue for just $19 per month.


Benchmark is another premium Email Marketing Software that is trusted by thousands of reputed online business. Benchmark allows you to edit your email templates with its built in customization tools that will give your emails a branded look representing your company. You can create customized sign up forms for your website, facebook and twitter pages and let your lists grow organically. You can also segment your lists to different target specific markets.  The tracking tools will help you to monitor the movement of your customers. You will be able to learn who clicked on links and promotions in your emails. You can start using Benchmark with a free trial. Later you have three available packages to choose from. Benchmark also offers Free for Life Plan and 25% discount for non-profit organizations.


GetResponse is another powerful Email Marketing Software in the market that can give your online business an easy solution for email marketing. Forget spending $50 for turning your PSD newsletter into HTML. With the new drag and drop editor of GetResponse you will be able to create your email newsletter within minutes. The social sharing buttons of GetResponse fit with each of your newsletter and allow your readers to share the newsletter instantly. All the social reactions can be tracked later with the social share analytics. You can use the List Booster tool to import email contacts from 16 different mail clients and also you can import email contacts from your hard drive. When you are using GetResponse you don’t need any coding at all, you can choose pre-coded sign up forms and collect subscribers. You are also allowed to customize the signup forms with form builder. The auto-responder of GetResponse will allow you to send automated Welcome Email, 7 Day Course or a free eBook offering.


Mailchimp is loved by small business because it offers Forever Free service if your subscriber list is limited to 2000 and you send 12000 emails per month. Mailchimp has all the features that any Email Marketing Software has. You can upgrade to paid monthly plan when your business grows with Mailchimp. There are 7 different plans to choose from depending on the number of subscriber you have. That is why over 2.5 millions are using Mailchimp as their first choice.


Imnicamail is another best value Email Marketing Software that you can choose for your online business. Imnicamail is supported with a wide range of desktop, web and mobile email clients. Some of the best features of Imnicamail include Auto-responder, Email Builder, Broadcast, List Setting, List Statistics, Campaign Statistics, Website Integration, Segment and many more. You can choose any monthly package for trial with just $1 for the first month. Alternatively you have the option to choose the free monthly plan which is limited to 6000 emails and 1000 subscribers.

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