What is Software?

Computer software is a computer program which allows user to interact with software one cannot imagine computer without software. Without software hardware is useless and without hardware software is useless. Software is instructions (computer programs) that when executed provide desired function and performance. Software doesn’t “wear out.”


What is Software Engineering?

Although hundreds of authors have developed personal definitions of software engineering, a definition proposed by Fritz Bauer [NAU69] at the seminal conference on  the subject still serves as a basis for discussion: [Software engineering is] the establishment and use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economically software that is reliable and works efficiently on real machines. Software engineering is field which deals with developing software in a systematic way the software should be reliable, efficient, cheap, and most important is quality the quality of software should be best. Software engineering is a layered technology which is based on number of different layers like quality, process, methods, tools, Software engineering methods provide the technical how-to’s for building software. software engineering encompasses lots of technique, models, principles, theories.


Software Engineering


The software process

A process is a set of activities, actions, and tasks that are performed when some software project is to be developed. An activity strives to achieve a broad objective (e.g., communication with stakeholders) and is applied regardless of the application domain, size of the project, complexity of the effort, or degree of rigor with which software engineering is to be applied. An action (e.g., architectural design) encompasses

a set of tasks that produce a major work product (e.g., an architectural design model). A task focuses on a small, but well-defined objective (e.g., conducting a unit  test) that produces a tangible outcome.



Communication is the first step before starting any software project.   Before starting any software project it is very important to understand what user wants what user wants from software. Here in this phase we do requirement gathering. We must collect requirement if we have requirements the we can proceed. For example user wants to develop software for theatre management the developer does not know what to  do and how it should look like. Then user will provide necessary information to user.



Normally, planning means to draw out in detail what to do in future. Planning is very crucial activity in software engineering. In this phase of development the manager plans for future he decides what problems may occur in future, what are risks involved, budged, cost, schedules etc.



In modelling the engineer designs the architecture of software which is similar to floor plan of house.

The engineer makes detail design of software using requirements collected. You create a “sketch” of the thing so that you’ll understand the big picture



This is also called as implementation here programmer implements the requirements into programming language they code in particular programming languages.



Testing is very important phase basically testing is done to check weather software meets customer requirement or not. In testing we find the problems in our system and remove our problems.



The software (as a complete entity or as a partially completed increment) is delivered to the customer who evaluates the delivered product and provides feedback based on the evaluation. For more reading about technology news in singapore and seo to online marketing do view more about other pages.

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