Information System

What is Information System?

Information system is collects the data from different business sources process that information. It applies different procedure on information.

Components of Information System

  • Data:

Data is the raw information it is unprocessed information. Data is valuable to organization. Data is considered to be the life blood of every organization.


  • Hardware:

Hardware consist of physical devices of information system like computer peripherals, machines like fax machine, Xerox machine, telecom devices, storage devices like tape, hard disk.


  • Software:

Software is very essential to process data. Software is collection of computer program. It is set of instructions that get work done from computer.


  • Network:

Communication network is very important to communicate with others. A company may have branches at different location they may want to communicate with each other they may want to share data. Using internet, intranet, and virtual private network different sites can be connected.


  • People:


People are great resource available in organization. They work at different level and perform different functions.


  • Procedure:

Procedure is set of information processing instructions which are a set of operating instructions for the operators of the information.


Information System


Information System Activity


  • Input

We must collect data from sources and feed it to the information system. Input to information system is always raw and unprocessed. We should ensure that only valid data gets enter in our system.


  • Process

We have entered data in system it is time to process data. We apply different process on data. We perform different operations, computations etc. the processing function analyse data.


  • Output

Outs are information products which are as per the requirement of the user and in the form in which he demands. Output could take various forms namely reports, printed, online.

  • Storage

Now we have output which processed data we must store data for further use and decision making. This makes useful for later stage of processing.

  • Feedback

Feedback is very important activity. System automatically generates the feedback. Feedback obtain from system is used to enhance the system.

  • Control


Ok now we got feedback from system and then we analyse feedback and we try to take appropriate action on feedback to remove the deficiencies.

Actual Meaning of MIS:

MIS is the system for management of large number of information and using this information for different business objectives like planning, marketing, decision making etc. MIS is discipline of management which is supported by information technology and enterprise software. Kelly has defined MIS as “a combination of human and computer based resources which result in collection, storage, retrieval, communication and use of data for the purpose of efficient management of operation and for business planning.”

MIS plays very vital role in business it is tool for manager for decision making. MIS collects data from different business sources and converts it into data. MIS helps manager in making decisions in human resource, finance; marketing tec. MIS improves the performance and efficiency of the organization. MIS bring discipline in organization.  Before MIS it was very difficult to manage large amount of information now using MIS we can manage information in much better way.

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