Surefire Social Gains Local Digital Marketing Services Company BringMeMyLeads

Surefire Social which is the designer of end-to-end local digital promotion solutions assisting businesses in gaining visibility in search engines just publicized that they gained BringMeMyLeads with an unrevealed price. The deal merges two foremost companies that provide local digital promotion solutions to a wide array of small businesses all throughout North America. Significantly, the merged client relationships created a market leader in the $350 billion home improvement field.

“Surefire Social is developing fast and this gain enabled us to provide skilled executives, grow and solidify services as well as enlarge our client list, stated Chris Marentic, founder and CEO of Surefire Social. By leveraging its flourishing formula in the home improvement field, the company has forceful plans to enlarge into other local verticals as well the medical practices, legal, mortgage and real estate, office services and automotive. “We are situating the company for the following phase of development and this gain, merged with fresh technology we are releasing, establishes the stage”.

“Our methods of customized, comprehensive local digital marketing solutions are precisely what Surefire Social is basically about,” stated George Faerber. “Placing these companies as one provides us the capability to coagulate our services as well as assist local business of any size”.

Surefire Social provides personalized, broad tactics for local businesses to control the localized exploration and finding, gain new clients as well as change them to sales. The company creates Web 2.0 enable websites, supplies SEO, social media, localized business listings, search engine marketing services and email marketing for small scale businesses.

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