Success in Blogging

Success in blogging is a widely discussed issue among many bloggers worldwide. Some measures the success of their blog with the amount of revenue it generates and others used to measure it with the fame they receive from it. Blogging is not an old concept in the internet world. In fact it has started a decade ago. However now we have many free CMS (Content Management Service) available in our hands by means of which we can do blogging stuffs quite easily and comfortably without the requirements of any technical knowledge.

A blog site is way different from a static site. Where the contents of a static site is limited and used for a long period of time, Blog sites are dynamic and interactive in nature. The site admin use to publish posts based on the topics of his/her site and visitors can read and share their thoughts on any particular post by means of comments. It’s a more social way of sharing information. The admin can also allow other guest writers to write on his/her blog. It’s a vital need for news sharing websites because they always have to update their information with real life events.

So how can you achieve success in blogging? As I mentioned earlier the definition of success varies from person to person. However a blogging platform has its own commercial values if it has fulfilled two prerequisite conditions. The conditions are-

  • The purpose of your blog
  • How you are going to meet that purpose

The purpose of your blog is the vital key to demonstrate the value of information you share to your prospective readers. You should ask yourself “Why my blog exist?” When your blog will meet the purpose of its readers they will get used to visit your blog over again and again. Always try to update them with the latest information under your niche.

Your readers and followers are not just readers to you rather they are your prospective clients if you can deliver some particular products or services to them. This is what turns your blog into a commercial platform of earning revenues. You can take inspiration from commercial blogs as well. You might have recognized that there’s a recent trends of including blog section to many companies’ official website. Have you asked yourself why they are including blog section along with their static website? Google has updated its Search Engine Algorithm with the recent updates known as Panda and Penguin. In this new algorithm top priority was given to the content of a website for organic search results. This means the more quality contents a website has the more likely it will be displayed in the first pages of search results. It’s great news for bloggers and content marketers. One most important fact you should always remember nothing is valuable unless you make it valuable. Do not give up blogging trying for a several months to earn revenue out of it. Rather try to offer something to your readers free of cost. Someday this will give commercial value to your blog. Success in blogging depends on you; there are so many ways out there to generate revenues from your blog. But before that you have to make your blog valuable by loading it with quality information.

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