Strategic SEO

Search is a word business; rather it is big play of words. If you develop good SEO strategy then it will help your website to rank higher in search results and to get more traffic towards your business. User experience is very much important in today’s world. Data duplication as well as information saturation is increasing on web.


Define Target Audience for your site and Their Needs


Defining target audience involves analyzing the age, sex, geographic locations, and especially needs of your audience/visitors. According to your business or context of website, you should organize your website such as it will target the audience whose needs can be fulfilled by surfing & gathering information from your site. Post content on your site which will be helpful for peoples to get their question’s answers. If you find your visitors need then you can decide content strategy. After deciding content strategy, you can go towards targeted keyword discovery, as you find target audience, same you should analyze keywords related to your business context.


Categorized Keyword Research


You should organize your website information such as you can yourself find the information you previously posted on your website. When you analyze your business context, then you can do better research about keywords. Create the categories & name those categories as well as tell it the base keyword you want included in these categories. You can also create an excel sheet & list the keywords you find about your website main content. Google Analytics, Adwords like tools may help you to list different keywords. Also, you can analyze your data by creating & using a pivot table. To save time you can also download lists of thousands relevant keywords, by using tools.


Finding Gaps & filling empty volumes


Create sample sets from your data & then analyze the keyword’s volume. The gaps are the content where there is content but it alone, no traffic, no viewing it, then find reasons for these gaps!  So, if you have properly organized your content as well as if you have completed categorized keyword research then you can easily analyze your system & can find gaps as well as opportunities to cover those gaps.


Define Competitors & learn from them


Use custom tools, do your research & list your competitors. Try to found how they are optimizing their contents by using different ways. Observe & Learn from them for better optimization. Do competitive analysis. You can also use segmentation approach, by finding logical groups, either by intent, target market, product categories, etc.,  and then do sample searches. Encourage you social sharing & improve website architecture may also help you for better optimization.

Strategic SEO


Try to add Fresh content to keep website fresh 


You can create blog section or users interactive pages and update it regularly and then integrate that blog section in your preferred page. You can also continuously post some updates on your website main pages. Don’t get locked into duplicate content issues.


Always implement SEO strategies in ethical way. Share your posts on article directories, online encyclopedias and message boards or forums along with links to your main content. Optimize your content by creating title tags filled with keywords, alternative text tags to describe your images and placing keywords in the anchor text of your links. Normalization, execution, indexing & result modification will also help you to enhance your SEO Strategies.

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