Social Networks 101 – Web 2.0 And Public Networks

Social Networks 101 – Web 2.0 And Public Networks

The first factor we need to pay attention to here is that Social Networks is NOT something new, nor does it determine the latest Web 2.0 trend in any way.

In fact the whole idea of what Web 2.0 really indicates has been so commonly altered that many promoters and web developers are now using it to help enhance goods and solutions that have NOTHING to do with what Web 2.0 really indicates.

Even the ever well-known Wikipedia describes Web 2.0 as “a recognized second creation of web-based areas and organised solutions (such as social-networking websites, wikis, weblogs, and folksonomies) which aim to assist in creativeness, cooperation, and discussing between users”. You’ll observe that the phrase “perceived” is one of first terms used, as much of what we have come to believe is fact is based on our understanding, but the fact is Social Networks is far more than that.

To display this Wikipedia further goes on to say; “Although the phrase indicates a new edition of the Globe Extensive Web, it does not consult an upgrade to any specialized requirements, but to changes in the ways software developers and end-users use internets. Web 2.0 is the business trend in the computer market due to the move to the Online as foundation, and an make an effort to understand the guidelines for success on that new foundation.”

Summing up the last two claims from Wikipedia you’ll observe that Social Networks and the social systems and systems are not anything new. What is new and what does supply in to the Web 2.0 trend that has lately made many of these social systems so well-known is the easy to use systems that allows the end individual entry to a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual user interface once they indication up and log in to their preferred Social Networks websites.

Again the idea here is NOT new. Public systems have persisted since the beginning of the world wide web with boards, which later cause to the beginning of what we now call running a blog and boards. You could publish your concept to audiences returning then, just as you can now. The distinction with Social Networks today when using the new WYSIWYG foundation is that you can now quickly add your own pictures, animated graphics, video clips, mp3 fies, cause capture webpages (for prospecting to develop an e-mail list) and forms. Based upon on which of social systems that you be a part of the opportunities are stuttering as opposed to “old way” of Social Networks online.

To display that Social Networks and the social systems are not new by any indicates I have done just a little bit of analysis to expose how far returning many of these websites go.

MySpace – Authorized Feb. 22 1996

Friendster – Authorized Goal 22 2002

Facebook – Authorized Goal 29 1997

MyYearBook – Authorized Nov. 01 2000

Hi5 – Authorized July 27 1996

Tagged – Authorized September 10 1998

Fubar – Authorized Oct. 24 1997

Taking this same idea more in to the Web 2.0 era the Social Networks website have designed lots of movie focused social systems, but again this is nothing new.

YouTube – Authorized Feb. 15 2005

Badoo – Authorized May 26 2003

Bebo – Authorized September 15 2003

As you can tell YouTube was NOT the first to start it clip Social Networks niche. While I only have two detailed below YouTube in my record about there were several other social systems that also came along well before they did. The one factor that the makers of YouTube did better than any of the others that came before them was to actually TAKE ACTION and use the Social Networks skills that everyone else was trying to declare they were professionals at.

I’m sure that what they did was to analysis their market, where they probably discovered the same things that I did. Most of the Social Networks website that were trying to identify their own on-site social systems were NOT just applying their own websites for 1 or 2 years. Actually, many of them are registered at least until 2010. Some of them are registered even further out and have their own hosts that are devoted ONLY to their Social Networks websites to give the various social systems that are designed a better service quality.

Why are they doing this you may ask? Because the promotion income introduced in alone for them is so high that they can’t turn away from it. With large numbers upon many individuals world wide going to their websites 24 hours a day they are earning money hand over closed fist, much the same way that the search engines were lengthy before they came along.

This delivers us to another point, let us look at the “big three”; Google, Yahoo! and MSN, which set the forefront for the Social Networks websites that came after them. There have been social systems since lengthy before the search engines first made the decision to set up their “groups”, but getting individuals off of boards and providing them in to the popular where here were basically an incredible number of guests everyday was the way to go. The conversion was quickly foreseen, but again this goes returning to what I’ve been saying all along. Public media, social systems and what we have come to know as Web 2.0 are nothing new. We love to share great technology news singapore and seo.

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