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      Lots of websites, Blogs are growing day by day & designers are always looking for simple & attractive ways to do designing. One of the ways to enhance designing is to use beautiful social media icons or badges. The Badges communicate set of shared activities, which relates user group together around shared experience. It is essential to use Badges as any other aspect of a blog/website.


       Social media share buttons or icons/badges are a great way to allow users to share your content in their network without leaving the website. A new trend in television shows, news & internet was arrived that, the advertisers have started putting advertisements in the corners of shows or news as they run. You will find, lot of these advertisements deal with social media, like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. They use Social media icons, badges or buttons for advertising. Some peoples also trying to do serious business in designing the badges or icons, else taking advantage of their presence for good designing. I believe that having these social media buttons displayed on our website gives good look and nice feel.



Context for Social Media Badges

You have to represent your material & your business to peoples through social medium. This is what having badges on your site does. Remember Badges aren’t empty images; they are the logos which redirects to an webpage through link attached to it. Visitor’s may perform some important activities through this badges without leaving your website.

Networking for Social Media Badges

If you are using social media badges on your site it means you actually have social media profiles. So by using these badges you can create a networking system. You have your main business website; also have Facebook, Twitter fan pages and a YouTube channel. I f you add these badges you do interlinking in your entire network. By adding few badges you can definitely increase traffic towards your website.


 Relevancy for Social Media Badges

When a person logs onto your site then having the social media badges shows that you’re relevant and that you’re actively participating in the social experience, It also builds up a level of trust. Many online earning systems uses the payment processors badges to give information of payment processors to users, some sites also contains some trustworthy badges by which you can trust on realness of website. Using social media badges can help you to attract more readers towards your website.


Following are the simple steps for enhancing your website design with Social media badges.

1. Taking decision for choosing the appropriate Social Media Sites

  • If your site context is technology & science then: Facebook & Twitter icons will help to attract more users.
  • If your site context is business related then: Linked In & Google+ icons will help to attract more users.
  • If your site context is photography, images then: Pinterest, Picasa icons will help to attract more users.

Remember that too many icons will result into slower loading of site & it may affect search engine listing.


2. Taking decision for choosing Type of Sharing Button to Use

Do you know? There are mainly two types for buttons that is Ordinary Sharing Icons & Counter Buttons. If your blog’s buzz is less then use ordinary sharing buttons, and when your blog is getting more visitors use counter buttons.


Some helpful points about Social media badges:

  • Make them easy to see.
  • Don’t hide them in last pages; pick up them also in main content of website.
  • Make sure the directing link opens in a new window.
  • Keep consistency in icons.
  • Keep working links, Check for dead links!

You should design social media icons in elegant way to add some glitter & to enhance outlook of your website or blog as well as more research & enhanced designing for badges shape, type, link association is required. That’s all for today!!

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