Social Media Agency Fishbat Applauds The ‘Reconnect Project’ And Supports The Creativity it Promotes

Fishbat which is a social media agency enthusiastically replied to a latest news story featured on regarding their latest ‘Reconnect Project’ which entices social media users to disconnect from their digital lives.

Based on the, the ‘Reconnect Project’ was initiated in an attempt to encourage individuals to refrain from social media for 24 hours. As proclaimed by the, all individuals who engaged in the project were instructed to reach out to the actual world and work on something artistic and concrete. The product generated by the detached world would be uploaded and readily available for sharing after reconnecting to social media the next day, “Write, sing, dance, take shots,” the Reconnect video suggested.

Fishbat VP of Client Relations, Justin Maas congratulated the project and the reality that it both enticed individuals from taking a break from social media as well as utilizing it on a daily basis. ‘The Reconnect Project’ was a creative way to promote personal creativity as well as face to face communication in place of social media just for a day.” Justin Maas stated. “On the other hand, the project also gave individuals a reason to reconnect via social media the next day since individuals can tweet as well as talk about creative things that they worked on during the shutdown.”

Fishbat, Inc is a complete service web marketing company. With social media management, web design, search engine optimization (seo) and public relations, fishbat carries on as a marketing agency that focuses on raising the awareness regarding your brand as well as strengthening the image of your business or company.

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